The 22 Makeup Trends You Need to Know This Fall..

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The 22 Makeup Trends You Need to Know This Fall..

It’s never been easier or prettier to step outside of your makeup comfort zone.

1.Two-Tone Lips
Apply a darker color on the bottom lip than the top lip.



2.Cold Weather Cheeks
This season’s trendy rouge is taken from the cold weather itself. Add a touch of extra blush to your cheeks in the exact same color they turn when it’s chilly outside.





3.Feathery Lashes
Full, false lashes on your top lash line invariably make your eyes look larger and more awake. Keep the rest of your makeup palette neutral for a look that’s modern, rather than overdone.




4.Eyeliner Interrupted
Black liner all the way around the eye can have a minimizing effect, but by adding a few centimeters of a pale pearlescent liner on the top and bottom lids, the eyes suddenly open up in an unexpected way.




5.Brown Lips
Stop trying to fight it: The ’90s are back. And that means shades of brown are a must-have for lips this fall. Try a chestnut shade like Constance Wu has for a flattering look that doesn’t feel dated.


6.Blocky Blue Eyeshadow
As if the color wasn’t bold enough, the blocky shape of this eye look puts it over the top. Go light on lip and cheek colors to keep things balanced and wearable.





7.Bronzer as Blush
You probably know by now that a warm bronzer isn’t the right choice for contouring — but it is the right choice when it comes to trying a new shade of blush. In order to keep the look modern, just make sure it isn’t shimmery.




8.Metallic Eyes
Thanks to a coppery shimmer all around the upper and lower lids. It’s made even more dramatic by lush lashes and black eyeliner.

9.Bold Lips and Cheeks
As lovely as a dark lip looks with nothing else played up, rosy cheeks are a fresh take. As long as you keep the eyes subtle, the two focus points won’t look like overkill.


10.Mauve All Over
Mauve is one of those perfect shades for transitioning from a warm to cool season because it feels more dramatic than summery colors without the heft of deep fall tones. And considering how flattering it is on a variety of skin tones, why not wear it on your lips, cheeks and eyes all at once?



11.Casual Red Lips
A red lip as the centerpiece of a polished makeup look is classic, but it can also awaken otherwise low-key makeup, like a little smudgy eyeliner.

12.Sunset Eyes
Orange may sound like a hard color to pull off, especially on the lids, but a shade that leans a little brown looks gorgeous on a multitude of skin tones.


13.Noticeable Lower Lashes
Runways showcased this look in the most extreme way: drawn-on lower lashes. Get a more wearable version of the trend by trying a waterproof, smudge-proof mascara made especially for your bottom eyelashes.



14.Wishbone Winged Eyeliner
The typical cat eye lines the length of the upper lid before flicking out. This flattering take lines three-quarters of the upper and lower lid and meeting in a soft, subtle wing.


15.Ultra Dewy Skin
Dewy skin with minimal makeup looks healthy and chic. Check out our stick blushers easy tutorial to get this look for yourself.






16.Jewel-Tone Smokey Eyes
Smoky eyes are always a favorite, but applying jewel tones like blue, emerald and indigo bring out your eyes and add a ’60s flair to your face.





17.Lightly Highlighted Skin
Unlike contouring, which has slowly but surely been disappearing from our radar, highlighting has consistently been a great route for emphasizing the points of your face where the light hits. Just a touch on your Cupid’s bow, cheekbones and brow arches give your skin a naturally gorgeous finish.



18.Two-Tone Shadow
Combine a colorful shade on your top lid with a smoky black shadow on your bottom lash line for a two-toned look that’s sexy and modern.




19.Bright Berry Lips
A hot or deep pink is the perfect way to brighten up your look once the weather gets dark and chilly. Wearing next-to-nothing on your lids and cheeks keeps the look in line for daytime.

20.Smudged Liner
If you find that your pencil liner gets a little smudgy by the middle of the day, don’t wipe it off — just embrace it, because this ’90s grunge look is trending like crazy.



21.Lip Gloss
Lo and behold, this classic lip product is finally back in style. (Bonus: It’s been upgraded into less gooey formulas.)





22.Dramatic Winged Liner
Cat eyeliner will never go out of style, but winging it out about half an inch adds some serious drama.






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